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French professional football clubs : the impact of pricing policies on fan loyalty in a context of declining purchasing power

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  • Pricing policy ; fan loyalty ; purchasing power
  • Politique tarifaire ; fidélité des fans ; pouvoir d’achat
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  • Identifiant : ULIL_SMAS_2023_084
  • Faculté/Ecole : STAPS
  • Date de soutenance : 01/09/2023
  • Type de mémoire : Mémoire de Master
  • Discipline : MS Management du Sport
  • Parcours : ISA International Sport Administration


In today's sports economy, the complex link between a club's pricing policy and the unwavering loyalty of its fans is crucial. This study examines this relationship closely, using the French football club ASSE (Association of Sport Saint-Etienne) as a case study. ASSE has a long history and is a symbol of French football tradition, and its pricing strategy in different eras has become a valuable subject for examining the delicate balance between commercial needs and fans' feelings. But saying this and in the aftermath of ASSE's relegation to Ligue 2, how have the club's ticketing and pricing policies affected fan loyalty, and what can be learned from this experience for the broader footballing community ? This investigation utilizes a research method that combines both qualitative stories and quantitative data. The main area of concern is centered on ASSE's pricing of tickets, the cost of membership packages, and the supplementary financial requirements placed on supporters. By closely examining these economic factors, the goal of this study is to determine their impact on the allegiance of fans. To gauge fan loyalty, various measures are taken into account, including consistent attendance at matches, involvement in fan participation events, and interactions through digital channels. The first findings of the investigation suggest that pricing is undoubtedly a crucial factor that affects fan engagement. Nevertheless, other interconnected variables also play a significant role in influencing this engagement. These include the performance of the club on the field, the esteemed history of the club, and the extent of its involvement in the local community. Moreover, external economic factors, such as the income levels of the region and the availability of competing entertainment options, also impact the decision-making process of fans. This thorough examination not only provides insight into ASSE's financial and fan-engagement plans, but also sheds light on the complex nature of fan devotion in the realm of sports. This analysis creates an opportunity for football clubs and other sports organizations to reassess and improve their approaches, guaranteeing that financial stability is not achieved at the expense of their most valuable resource: the unwavering commitment of their supporters.

  • Directeur(s) de mémoire : Penel, Guillaume
  • Membre(s) du jury : Penel, Guillaume


  • Saidani, Rayan Fares
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